November 25th: Love

Sometimes it can be hard for people to say the words, “I love you.”

It often seems as if they are holding back for fear that by admitting the feeling they will somehow be “beholden” to you.

Or… that by opening up, and sharing their truth, that it will be turned against them or lead them towards vulnerability and maybe even heartbreak and pain.

Declaring love, out loud, can be difficult.

Especially after going through a terrible loss such as a divorce.

It took me time after the end of my marriage to be brave enough to declare my love to someone once again but,

as time moved me through the pain, and I healed from my emotional wounds, I found my voice and braved the words.

For me, saying “I love you” after my divorce was my way of admitting that I was stronger than the pain that had thrown me into despair.

Saying “I love you” meant that I was well on my way to recovery and willing to live life once again.

“Dear God, help me to show my love in all of my words and deeds in my day-to-day life. Help me to give those I love what they need so that they will feel cherished always.”

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