December 5th: Feelings

December 5th

Sometimes I let my feelings control me and suddenly, I am overwhelmed with emotion and off balance.

It can be as easy as someone sending me an email saying, “Hey, can I chat with you for a minute? I need to talk to you about something” and the next thing I know, my stomach is turning, I’m running through a mental list of what I may have done to upset this person, and I’m focused on what might happen next instead of staying in the moment.

I have a bad habit of creating a story, running a thread, allowing my feelings to take over before I even know the facts.

When I find myself overwhelmed with emotion I have learned it is best to step back… to curb the feelings… until I do know what’s really going on.

Worrying, fretting about something that might happen in the future, is not going to help me solve the problem… if there even is a problem.

I must learn to quiet my mind and find focus in the moment.

The more I practice not letting my feelings gain control of me, the better I become at keeping a quiet mind.

Emotional turmoil will not help me walk my spiritual path.

Emotional turmoil will drive me off balance and create chaos.

Feelings are not facts.

I must learn to calm my feelings and wait for the facts so that I can logically approach each situation and then choose to “act” instead of “react.”

“Dear God, help me to stay calm when feelings overwhelm me. Help me to make my decisions with a clear mind, a calm head, and a loving heart.”

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