December 10th: Stress

December 10th-Stress

Often when I am walking through difficult times, the stress begins to take a toll on my mind and body.

During a crisis, it is easy for me to begin sleeping poorly, eating poorly, skipping physical activities, and suddenly, the situation that was already difficult to handle is now overwhelming.

I must remember that when I am in pain, suffering, struggling to get through, I must use this time in particular to make sure that I am doing all I can to relieve the stress of the moment by working my hardest to take care of my basic needs in a way that will contribute to my overall health.

If I am able to keep stress from ruling my life, I will be able to be at my “best” self while working through a crisis.

“Dear God, help me to maintain a steady routine of good health during critical times. I must be able to take care of myself, so I will be able to make the best choices to move forward on my spiritual path.”

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