December 11th: Decisions

December 11th-Resolution

There were times during my marriage and later, my divorce, where I struggled with resolution.

It wasn’t always easy for me to make a firm decision to do something or for that matter… to not do something.

I was often worried that if I did make a decision… it would be the wrong one or…

If I decided to choose to “not act at all”… I was basically accepting behavior I found intolerable.

This inability to resolve myself to making a decision, left me in limbo and in a state of fear: too afraid to accept any action and constantly worried that I would be blamed for my choices.

But then, after spending time looking at my character flaws, I realized that my inability to commit was due to my “all or nothing” attitude and my way of letting emotions rule my world.

Now, I know that I must make decisions, even if at times it is uncomfortable to do so. I also know that my decision to act… or not to act… can be just “for today” and modified as needed if I find my first decision is not working to help move me forward on my spiritual path.

“Dear God, help me to make decisions with a clear mind. Help me to move forward on my spiritual path, and out of limbo, through the choices I make.”

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