December 12th: Acceptance

December 12th-Acceptance

During my divorce, it was hard for me to accept my changing circumstances.

I was sad that my husband had left, sad that my family life had changed, and mourning the loss of my dream.

Accepting those changes seemed impossible.

How was I to move forward when I could barely get my head out of the past?

It took many months of constant contact with my Higher Power, intimate conversations with the people I trust and love, and time spent on my own spiritual footwork.

By taking the time to work towards my future, and getting out of my own way, I was able to move through the sadness and pain and accept all of the changes over time.

Today, I remind myself, when a change seems hard to accept, of that time in my life: my divorce, when everything seemed so insurmountable.

It reminds me that I do have the ability to accept change and that if I approach my problems with a willingness to understand that change in life is inevitable, and accept my feelings so that after time, I can move through them, then I will end up in a better emotional and spiritual state: one that keeps me in a place of acceptance.

“Dear God, help me to accept where I am at in my life today. Help me to understand that life is ever changing and I must believe in your direction even when I feel lost on my path.”

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