December 14th: Courage

December 14th

Today I heard someone say, “We don’t know how strong our faith is until it is tested.”

I immediately felt myself tune into the moment. It felt like my Higher Power had specifically placed this conversation in front of me, as if trying to get my attention.

It worked.

I have learned that each time I walk through a trial, a test, and come out the other side, my courage builds and my faith strengthens.

I have suffered many painful losses in my life, and yet I have been able to make it through each crisis and move forward.

It takes courage to walk through despair…

It takes courage to make decisions that are difficult to make…

It takes courage to stand up and keep walking on a spiritual path when it feels like the Universe is knocking us down.

But each time I rise, strong in my faith, full of courage, I am reminded once again that life will always be full of hardship and pain and that I must stay my spiritual course, and let faith and courage guide me through troubled times, so that I will find peace and happiness, once again, on my spiritual path.

“Dear God, help me to remain strong in my faith. Help me to have strength when I feel lost and alone.”

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