December 22nd: Humor

December 22

Today I spent the afternoon laughing with an old friend.

We were caught up in the moment, enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing about a time period that used to be terribly painful for me to think about: the end of my marriage and my inevitable divorce.

My friend was close to both my husband and I during our marriage and so, he was able to impartially, make fun of the way we had often behaved as a couple: when we were in love… and when we were at war.

His expressive storytelling, showcased all of our flaws in a fantastic comic parody that left me barely able to breathe.

It felt good to be able to finally laugh at the past… to find comic relief in the moment… to reminisce without pain or despair.

To find joy in what was once misery, was a marker to me that I had truly moved on and was now able to walk forward with love in my heart.


“Dear God, thank you for the humor and joy you bring to my life.”

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