December 24th: Patience


I used to have a bad habit of always expecting people to “get with the program” on my time line.

I often wondered, Why can’t they see what I see?

Or thought It would just be so easy if they did… this!

Today I know that I cannot force anyone to “see” something or “do” something until they are willing or able to do so.

I also know that I cannot spend my precious time waiting and hoping that they will.

I can offer my experience, strength, and hope.

I can share my love and time.

But in the end… it is up to that person to have their own aha! moment… and therefore I must stand back, with patience and allow them to find their way.


“Dear God, help me to offer my wisdom with patience. Help me to allow others to grow on their own time and to walk their own spiritual path.”

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