January 10th: Sharing

January 10th

I found that during my divorce, sharing my secrets, my truth with people I trusted, helped me to get through to the other side of my pain.

Holding pain in, being afraid to speak openly about my fear, hurt, or frustration, only left me feeling alone and overwhelmed.

When I share my heart, others will respond.

They are the beacons I must follow on my spiritual path.

They guide me through the dark, by sharing their own history, their own painful past, the times when they felt they could no longer move forward due to lack of faith and despair.

The people I love and trust with my deepest worries and fears, help to illuminate the light of what my future holds.

They are there to remind me that I am not alone and that a better life waits for me if I am willing to be brave enough to speak up and let their love and kindness heal my pain.


“Dear God, help me to be brave. Help me to let go of my secrets and share my truth with those who love me and long to soothe my pain.”

10 thoughts on “January 10th: Sharing

  1. I healed the most when I shared my vulnerability. It is refreshing and rare to be completely open and honest. With my divorce, I’ve had to withhold things and it is not helpful for me. I try to find safe places to vent and open up in order to cope. I appreciate what you wrote.

  2. My blog is how I share without feeling I’m draining the resources of my friends. It has helped me heal. Then I found out my ex is reading it. There are times when he quotes me back to me. I just shows he’s reading the words but not the meaning. I’ve given up justifying my blog. I don’t have to do that anymore.

    • No you don’t have to justify your blog Maria… you don’t have to justify anything. You are writing your experience about your relationship. I’m sure you are sharing with dignity, strength and hope… Sharing feelings and looking towards friends and family members for support is a great way of having a support system of people who love you… and have insight into who you are and what you may need to hear. I found in the past, that the only time I drained others… was when I chose to ruminate, instead of take action… as far as your ex goes… what he is doing and what he is quoting says more about the place he is in… and his own self esteem… then it does about you. D.

  3. I’m such a private person that I didn’t share a lot for awhile.
    Was afraid to.
    And it was a revelation and a relief that one family member and two of my closest friends really dif care and do care to know how I feel and how I’m trying to deal with building a new life.
    It has been wonderful. But I always double- checke that I’m not overwhelming them. :-).
    It’s been very healing , especially in the first three months that I ” struck out” on my own …

    • Just like I said to Marie… I think we only overwhelm people when we choose to ruminate instead of move forward…. people that we go to for guidance want to know that their time, their words, their conversations, lead to us feeling better and moving forward! 🙂

  4. This comes full circle this year …
    Healing happened because I understood I could really share with those who cared so much .
    The mutual love is there.
    I’m grateful. And I learned how to vent , get the worst portions of head chatter outta there !

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