January 11th: Playing God

January 11th

Once, several years ago, I was sitting with a group of friends when we began talking about God.

One of my friends said, “Would you rather be God or trust in God’s plan?”

Everyone went around the circle saying how they would rather trust God, believe their Higher Power had things in hand, that they found peace in letting things work out on “God’s time” until the conversation stopped at me.

I was amazed at them all and said, “I would rather be God.”

Of course they looked at me like I had lost my mind until I explained my reasoning.

“If I was God, then I could stop my loved ones from suffering the consequences of any of their negative actions. I could walk through life without seeing any of the people I love get hurt, or make poor choices.”

For a moment everyone was quiet, as they acknowledged my point of view.

It has always been hard for me, to watch those I love make serious mistakes that lead to hard consequences.

But I know today, that hard consequences often lead to true spiritual growth.

Some lessons that need to be learned are not positive ones.

Some poor behaviors need to be repeated until, exhausted, we are willing to change.

When I find myself wanting to be God instead of accepting God’s will, I know that I must pray for faith, and pray that my loved ones find guidance on their own spiritual paths.


“Dear God, help me to have faith. Help me to remember that I am powerless over the actions of others and that I must trust in your plan for each and everyone of us.”

2 thoughts on “January 11th: Playing God

  1. when I have fear I have no faith, when I have faith I have no fear, life will provide me with the opportunities to fall to my knees and simply say God help me and God will guide me through the difficultly, today I know there is a power greater than myself and I choose to call that power God, we are blessed.

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