January 14th: Surrender

January 14th-Surrender

It has never been easy for me to surrender my will to my Higher Power.

To this day, it is still a struggle to get out of my own way when I find myself emotionally attached to a specific person or problem.

But the difference is that today, after many years of spiritual footwork, I now see the signs of my need to control and quickly, although often reluctantly, pray to my Higher Power and give in.

“Giving in” to me in the past meant that I must be weak, I must be “giving up.”

Always the fighter, I thought that with all my “infinite knowledge and self-will” I must be able to force the solution I thought best not only for myself, but everyone else involved!

It is hard to detach when we are emotionally chained by love, lust, anger, frustration, pain or despair.

But without surrender, I find that I lose my way, I feel out of sorts, off my spiritual path, and today, those are signs that I must give that person, or that problem over to the care of God.

Today, I chose to surrender to my Higher Power’s will.

“Dear God, help me to give in without giving up. Help me to walk my spiritual path, completing the footwork that is necessary for my growth, while trusting that you are guiding me where I need to be.”

2 thoughts on “January 14th: Surrender

  1. Something I must realize – giving in is not giving up.
    I can worry about the very important or even the smallest things and not let go until my mind thinks it has it “solved”… which can be all- consuming at times.
    I’m beginning to see it’s more about letting go of it ultimately. Thank you

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