February 1st: Living Fully


I am reminded each day that life is a gift.

When I find myself unable to rise from a dark mood, I must remember that I do not know what tomorrow will bring, or if I will be fortunate enough to see a tomorrow.

Each day that I give of myself to others…

Each day I bring joy and happiness to my world…

Each day I choose to use empathy and compassion…

Is another day that I fulfill my obligation to myself and to others to live life to the fullest and walk my true spiritual path.

To take a moment to listen to a child tell me something important….

To help a senior who has been left on their own…

To put my own problems and trials aside to give back to my community…

Reminds me that I choose, today, to remain “all in” with those I love and care for…. and be present for those in need.

Today, I will strive for my goals…

Follow my dreams…

Give of myself…

And thank my Higher Power for giving me so much to appreciate in my day-to-day life.

“Dear God, thank you for all you give. Help me to share my love and joy with those around me.”

12 thoughts on “February 1st: Living Fully

  1. I’m adding a comments here because my day was different than many I’ve had recently, as if something is changing fairly dramatically.
    To live fully again, I feel myself finally moving through “acceptance” of all the traumatic events and the loss of my marriage.
    I actually thought I’d feel more relief and peace, but I actually am now finally recognizing what it truly means, and what it feels like, to be rebuilding self esteem , my own life direction , and who will be in my life.
    Today gave me joy to help a friend who needed to be doing productive things rather than ruminating on problems. It was a nice day.
    But the latter part of the day felt entirely different… Accepting I’m alone, responsibilities I shared are now my own , and having to find “comfort” somehow within myself now, because the person who was always there providing that love and support (but wouldn’t be the right one to be here now) is gone.
    Looks like the challenge now is to work even harder at staying mentally in the present and allowing more time to heal.
    Funny, I kept thinking I’d “arrive” at acceptance and recognition of how things are now. It’s not arrival & “check that one off the list!” 🙂

  2. Loved your response, Patricia. So true. We continually arrive… accept…. slip back…. arrive… accept… slip back…. but, you are still moving forward and gathering awareness. 🙂 D.

  3. Thank you; sometimes I think that I’m fooling myself that I’m moving along; afraid I’m going to play the “old tapes” forever. But I sense that time is going to be the healer.

    • It is cliche to say that “time heals all…” well, you know… but it really does… because time allows your emotions to calm and perspective to set in! 🙂

  4. Learned a lot about myself and about living in freedom of choice and with others, since this post last year.
    The notion of “all in” means even more now. Well said !
    I still have a few bad days here and there but I own those now – no blame on my ex. 🙂

  5. Patricia! I was just thinking about you… we are in the middle of construction at my house and my posts therefore were delayed by spotty internet access! Isn’t it funny how we just one day stop assigning blame and move on? My ex, as you know, was no angel… but lately I have been a bit more understanding of why he did what he did… and how often I created “trials” for him that I knew he would ultimately fail… my part… becomes clearer as the years go by… as for today… I am in the moment… working… enjoying the California winter… and feeling good. Glad you are too! Big HUG. D.

  6. Hey D! Thank you for your message. It is truly a beautiful day today in S CA.
    I had a lot of anger and assigned blame also. And much of it he does deserve when I evaluate it –and some of what didn’t work was my emotional contribution also.
    But, at this point, it just doesn’t matter.
    He is starting to ask friends how I’m doing and if I’m dating.
    You know, this all comes around – repercussions, guilt, remorse…
    He’s starting to feel things I felt earlier — because the life he ran to and “bet on” isn’t paying off.
    But, we’re both in a better place in our lives anyway.
    So glad all is well your way – hope you’re teaching, writing, creating music, enjoying.
    Sounds like good stuff happening for your house too!
    Big Hug back to you …P

  7. See? I remember when you thought his life was going to be perfect… it never works that way…. not when they jump like that and pull a geographical! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that it doesn’t MATTER anymore… You’ve done it! You’ve moved on… couldn’t be happier 🙂 D.

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