February 2nd: Self-Control

February 2nd-Self Control

Sometimes, when I am overwhelmed… I realize that I am so busy running about, that I am not taking care of myself.

Next thing I know, I’m tired and worn.

I’m not exercising, I’m not eating properly.

I’m not practicing my spiritual footwork…and what has already been too much for me to handle becomes so much more of a problem.

It is at this time that I must step back and practice self-control:

Cut back on my commitments.

Take the time to make good choices about my health.

Spend each day moving forward on my spiritual path through writing and praying.

I must exercise self-control and move away from unhealthy behavior so that I can be my best self.

Today, I choose to put “first things first” and exercise self-control so that I benefit from the rewards.

“Dear God, help me to make good emotional and physical choices. Guide me to put first things first.”

3 thoughts on “February 2nd: Self-Control

  1. I agree – and I feel the difference a great deal if I’m not getting a good dose of exercise or think eating my favorite “stuff” 🙂 will make me feel better!
    When I get off track at times and don’t take care of the stress I feel like a different person — and a tired one too.

  2. About six months ago I commited to walking early each morning and going to the gym at least 5x/wk
    I grapple with rising even a bit earlier each am for meditation for 30 minutes
    Self control for me seems to be directly tied to focus and living in the “present tense” – so I have good days … And some days I don’t get a passing grade 🙂

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