February 3rd: Taking Action

February 3rd-Taking Action

There are times in my life when I know that it is best to wait… be patient…. choose not to make a choice but there are other times I know with absolute surety that it is time to take action.

I have often felt this moment as a “gut” response.

A turning point where my mind has one vivid moment of clarity and I hear a small yet strong voice inside of me make a firm decision.

When I hear this voice, I know that it is time to take action.

When I have been weighing all of my choices…

When I have been turning over a particular problem again and again…

When I feel that I have exhausted all of my options…

It is time to listen to the voice inside of me, the surety of the moment, move forward and take action.

“Dear God, help me to listen. Help me to be sure of the choices I make and to take action with confidence.”

4 thoughts on “February 3rd: Taking Action

  1. I can relate to this post a lot; I’ve being operating much more so on gut feel now that I’m “solo”. Sometimes I feel confused and it’s tough to make a decision, but ultimately, the clarity comes once I just take a step and move ahead.

  2. I looked at last year’s post 🙂
    Gut feel and self trust has gotten better .
    In my marriage I felt procrastination and hesitation overtaking me.
    Just making decisions on my own has helped so much .

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