Dear Readers: Hello Again 4-22-18


Dear Readers,

First and foremost,

I want to thank you all for following me over the last several years and I apologize for my absence from the site these last two months. Please know that like many of the 12 step daily meditations my meditations rotate throughout the year so if I miss a post day… you can type in the date that is missing and it will pop up in your feed. What I always find so fascinating is that no matter if you read a daily meditation in 2017 or 2018, it will have significance each time. Strange… but true… but isn’t that how spiritual things often work?

This year has been the hardest for me since my divorce. I took on the responsibility of caring for my mother-in-law June of 2017. Mary had been sick for many years but I hoped being with me and close to family, she might improve. It was a hard summer followed by an accident, for me, where I stepped off the porch wrong and snapped my right foot. I spent October through December in a cast, unable to drive, my students wheeling me around school in a wheelchair and I can tell you the lesson learned was: be humble and the reality is: we are never in control.

Mary had a stroke in October and passed away suddenly in November and then, the night before her funeral, my own 90-year-old mother who I also care for, fell and fractured her femur. She needed surgery, ended up touch-and-go in ICU for over a week, and we spent the winter holidays in-and-out of the hospital. She has been back home with me now for about two months and life as we knew it has changed yet again. Her dementia progressed from the injury and I honestly don’t know if she will ever recover completely from such a fall at her age. Once again, the experience has taught me to be humble and that: we are never really in control.

So, thank you all for your patience. Your loyal following. And, know that I am always with you in writing. Always.

So today, just for today, be humble, be thankful, and remember that no matter how we love to control things in life…. we can’t. Accept what your reality is and do everything you can to move towards your new and brave world that you have been creating since your loss. Together, we can all move forward with strength and serenity.

With love to you all,



5 thoughts on “Dear Readers: Hello Again 4-22-18

  1. deedee, I had no idea you’ve been going through all this. I had chills because it was so reminiscent of my journey. I also was involved with the care of my MIL. And a week after she passed, my own mother fell and was seriously ill. She was on a respirator for 6 weeks and almost died. After she recovered, dementia set in and she wasn’t the same. It was such a loss for me.
    My heart aches for you. On top of everything, you broke your foot!! Please know I’m sending you the biggest hug. I still hope to meet you in Big Bear someday. May your journey lighten and be manageable. It’s a LOT!
    It has taken me years to recover from the loss of my parents, but I can say that I especially cherish my freedom and health. Much love to you, deedee.

  2. Judy, thank you so much for this message. It has been an overwhelming experience and it sounds like you know exactly what I am going through… I hope to meet you someday as well. I’m going to keep moving through this, and posting again of course, and as you say: cherish my freedom and my health. Much love to you too, D.

  3. My condolence to you. I am new to posting but so eager to learn from experince people like yourself. Happy Friday and may you cntinue to find peace in this journey we call life🙏

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