February 11th: Faith

February 11th- Faith

When I falter in my faith I falter on my path.

If I allow myself to wallow in self-pity… become consumed with despair…

I fall short of the plans that my Higher Power holds for me.

By making a conscience effort to keep a daily contact with God through prayer and quiet reflection, I choose to walk in faith instead of wander in chaos and pain.

When I find myself becoming overwhelmed with my day-to-day life, consumed with questions, concerns, and lost for answers, I must make time to connect with my Higher Power, and renew my faith in his plan.

“Dear God, help me to stay close to you. Help me to walk in faith and hope as I let go of pain and despair.”

6 thoughts on “February 11th: Faith

  1. I have been lost in such a fog of pain and grieving over the past year, that I lost sight of joy, faith , spirit and trusting my true feelings.
    Fortunately these feelings are finally coming back into view!
    Trusting my gut instincts is starting to come back bit by bit as well.

  2. Hi Patricia, I was just thinking about you and thought I would write you a note. I was on vacation in the mountains this last week for my birthday. It was lovely but I came home with a horrible flu/cold thing. Wiped me out! Anyway… just wanted you to know my thoughts were with you. D.

  3. It feels good to know I’m heading the right direction now … That first year post-divorce tested everything – trust , faith , hope , health, self esteem:
    For any of us going through this , I can truly feel the pain and grief lifting as I learn to live for myself without feeling selfish about it. It finally registered I was living everything for someone else , and forgot to take care of myself .

  4. on my subconscious forehead I have tattooed, ” when I have faith I have no fear, when I have fear I have no faith., God I surrender to your will for my day and live in faith that I will get through this and be the person you intended me to be, we are blessed, it does get better…

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