April 27th: Growth

beautiful ocean April 27th

Today I celebrate my spiritual growth.

The relief at a day spent living in the present instead of allowing my mind to obsess on the mistakes of my past or worry about the uncertainty of the future.

I celebrate a day where I acted loving and kind to the people I love.

I celebrate my creative accomplishments and the time I spent resting and caring for my own needs.

Often growth is messy, upsetting, and traumatic: the change… difficult to accept.

How wonderful it feels… just for this moment… just for this day… to see my spiritual growth… to see how far I have come since the pain and despair of my divorce to enjoy my life right now… and be thankful for this change.

“Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for this moment of celebration. Thank you for giving me clarity and the ability to see the growth I have made on my spiritual path.”

4 thoughts on “April 27th: Growth

  1. D… I’m holding on to this one for the day that I can say this! The moments, hours, days are getting better,…:-)

  2. I just love this post … As I did last year.
    And now I do feel happiness and the distance from my divorce has gone into the healing mode 🙂
    I do long for seeing / understanding what’s next , but there is no remorse or despair about the past . 🙂

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