May 12th: Gratitude

May 12th- Gratitude

When I find myself feeling full of self-pity and frustrated with my lot in life… I turn my attention to gratitude.

Gratitude is a way of reminding myself of how much I really have left when something dear to me has been taken away.

My divorce was painful beyond measure.

My heart… full of despair.

Yet even in my darkest hours, I was able to remind myself how fortunate I was to have:

The love of my children…

Dear friends to help me through my troubled times…

A job where I was valued and cherished…

A college where I could improve my mind and also my financial stability…

And the mental and physical fortitude to move through my pain by making a conscience effort to complete my spiritual footwork.

Today, I am reminded once again of everything I am grateful for: even my divorce.

Without suffering the loss of my former husband… I would never appreciate how dear my new relationships are to me today.

“Dear God, thank you for standing by me in my darkest moments and for reminding me of all I have to be grateful for in my life.”

5 thoughts on “May 12th: Gratitude

    • It’s funny how that works… how today I can see that without the divorce… my new man would not be as cherished as he is! šŸ™‚ D.

  1. I am new to your blog, been reading for the last few weeks. My wife of 20yrs and have been separated for 3 months now, which she initiated and we both have accepted responsibility for. Long story short, I am still hopeful that we will continue our marriage. However, my wife is a different story. She is loving her freedom and at this point doesn’t see herself returning to the marriage. I continue to try to face the reality of this fact. I am trying to ” take care of myself” as everyone says to do. My heart continues to break. Your daily message helps me to find the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Thank You

    • Mark… I am so very sorry. I’m glad you are finding peace in the meditations. My husband was the same way when he left. Excited about freedom… and didn’t seem to miss what we had together for 20 years. It’s really because the person who leaves is several steps ahead while we are still trying to understand and catch up. It took me quite a while to mourn the loss of my marriage and my dream of what it would be… in the beginning… like you I so wanted to get back together but over time… that changed. I watched my ex become disillusioned with his freedom, disillusioned with his new woman… and repeat most of the bad patterns he had with me… on/to this new person. I saw that he hadn’t changed… nothing had changed… he had hoped that by pulling a “geographical” that everything would be different. He did ask to come back at one point but by that time I knew that it would no longer work for us… I’m so sorry you are going through this… I’ve been there and I know the pain… I’m here for you. D.

  2. And my gratitude grows:)
    I haven’t moved forward with a relationship yet. I think I’m still a bit “invisible” and have to build trust back (within myself).
    In July it will be 2 yrs since I’ve seen my ex or spoken with him directly. The healing has taken such a positive course… And that has much to do with coming out of a fog and recognizing such great friends and family.

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