June 28th: A Moment of Clarity

June 28th

It amazes me how I will struggle so hard and for so long with a particular problem and suddenly, when I least expect it, comes a moment of clarity. It appears in my own “aha!” thought or… in the words of a dear friend or… an image I see on TV… something… anything… that somehow drives me to finally connect the dots. When it happens I always feel like saying to myself, “I can’t believe you didn’t see this sooner” but the truth is… without the journey… there is no moment of clarity. It is a series of events that leads me to that moment and it is my Higher Power that brings me to clarity exactly when I am ready to accept it.

“Dear God, help me to be aware and in the moment so that when clarity finally arrives… I am willing to move on and away from my past problems.”

7 thoughts on “June 28th: A Moment of Clarity

  1. Traveling this week gave me some distance from my immediate neighborhood , friends , and all that has been familiar since I moved from my home a year ago now.
    I can relate to this post a lot right now. I’ve had those “aha” moments … It’s as I could really “hear ” those comments from my closest friends and family for the first time.
    I don’t have to allow my mind to take in hurt , pain , damage from the past.
    I understand why my marriage ended. I m beginning to see what I can learn.
    I feel I was so naive, so trusting.
    Now I see a open path forward but it’s all very new & scary.

  2. Don’t be hard on yourself. You were open to love…. 🙂 the new path is scary… because it is unknown but full of endless possibilities 😀

  3. Thank you; you’re right!

    It’s exciting and exhausting some days trying to build upon a new life, and trying not to worry so much about what happens next. Worrying daily was a habit the last few years of my marriage and I’ve realized I have to let go of THAT too ! 🙂

  4. I agree that there are no real regrets for being open to love and taking a chance on romance. Sometimes it doesn’t work out – but there is always hope for the future. My second marriage is the most wonderful choice of my life and I am glad I did not remain trapped in my first one – or I would never know this joy.

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