May 24th: Being in the Moment

May 24th-

It is easy to fill my weekend with events that will distract me and keep me busy. By setting my mind on a  “What’s next?” mentality, I never really have to deal with what is going on in the present.

There is nothing wrong with having a life full of wonderful activities but, when I am constantly on the move, I have a tendency to not be in the moment.

Always planning for the next big event…

Always rushing from one commitment to another…

Always finishing one project and quickly moving on:

This is not being present.

This is not savoring my life.

Moving so quickly, only causes me to find my creative energy drained and my physical and emotional well-being worn down.

If I choose to be actively involved then I must learn to take a moment and enjoy it…

Think before I accept a commitment and when I do… appreciate what it has to offer…

When I finish a project, I should relish in the enjoyment of a job well-done, my persistence and perseverance in my accomplishment.

Life moves quickly… life is fleeting… I must learn to live in the present… be in the moment… slow down and enjoy what is right in front of me.

“Dear God, help me live in the joy of the present. Help me not to waste my time fretting over the past, worrying about the future, and help me to appreciate what I have to day: A moment to be celebrated.”

2 thoughts on “May 24th: Being in the Moment

  1. This is still the hardest part.
    Working to take my mind off head chatter and also be productive.
    Sometimes I wonder when I’ll just RELAX for Pete’s sake. 🙂
    When those moments do come … It’s such a relief in so many ways

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