October 15th: The Journey

My divorce was a painful journey.

It was a journey that I didn’t want to take.

I had married believing that I had journeyed towards my husband… and together… we were now “the destination.”

It was hard to let go of our life and begin again… alone… on the road.

Like any journey, I learned that it was important to watch for signs, enjoy the view along the way, and be open to the surprises I would experience.

I made new friends and learned to love again.

I now know that I will never end up at a specific destination.

I am constantly on the journey and must find a way to have peace in the idea that we are always traveling.

“Dear God, help me to be aware on my journey. Help me to find truth and maturity along the way.”

2 thoughts on “October 15th: The Journey

  1. Being less concerned about the destination is so true, and a real eye-opener.
    What a wonderful post.

    I married and made a commitment, and kept it. I always trusted that he did the same.
    We were together “forever” and there was no doubt about it.
    But, that’s not how the story goes.

    And… when I realized I had started to let go our our “life’ a few years ago out of pain and worry, I did try so hard to turn it around.
    But it takes two.

    So I’ve been in the process these past few months of having to really let go.
    I am trusting myself, and whatever lies ahead, that love and happiness are out there again.
    Beginning again, alone, on the road — I am there.

  2. It is a journey… just keep moving forward… it becomes really exciting… to know that now you have SO many possibilities… as the pain diminishes I believe you will embrace that fully! 🙂 D.

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