October 22nd: Celebration

Each day on this Earth is a gift.

Each moment a celebration of life.

I have often been surprised during the painful times by impromptu joyous celebrations that took the sting of my heartache away:

A moment with one of my students that made me proud.

A family gathering where everyone was lively and entertaining and the love could be felt throughout the room.

My pet, acting silly, or making a face that seemed close to human, sending me into fits of laughter.

There is much to celebrate in this world even when things seem at their bleakest.

It is our job to keep our eyes open and be aware of it.

When we are pained, when we are troubled, it is often hard to find something to celebrate. But if we have faith, we will see celebration, in even the most mundane day-to-day moments.

“Dear God, help me to celebrate life even in my darkest days. Help me to see joy in the smallest moment and celebration even when my heart is heavy.”

6 thoughts on “October 22nd: Celebration

  1. You are so right!
    The past several days have been tough with the divorce finalized,
    I had mentioned the other day I feel relief as well as waves of sadness & memories that I hadn’t really expected to surface.
    But, when I went out for a walk at the beach yesterday, I realized the beauty of this place, how fortunate I am, and also, all the life going on around me!
    It took my focus away from where my mind doesn’t need to be anymore.
    Life is too precious to allow one’s thoughts & memories to control the present. I want to continue to learn to stay in the present, and to learn to celebrate again!

  2. We only have today. It is so good that you recognized that! You don’t want to waste anymore time on sadness when you have so much to look forward to! Endless possibilities await! 🙂 D.

  3. Hi D –
    Things are going so much better now.
    I’m still not ready to be a “girlfriend” :), but I think it just takes time as a new life builds momentum.
    I’ve noticed I’m doing so many more social things than I had ever done … In years !
    Just getting out there.
    Building a business is fun, difficult , and tedious and it feels good that most of my energy is going toward that.
    In September I saw so many old friends , and all the extended family — it was a kind of closure that felt good , and I was relieved to feel so comfortable . Finally realized I haven’t lost friends and family – just had to be available to them again .
    Hope all is well with you , and your family 🙂

  4. I think it is wonderful that you are investing energy into the new business. I remember going back to get my advanced degree right after my divorce and it felt so satisfying to accomplish something like that… I know the business must feel the same way. 🙂 As I’ve told you before, I didn’t date at ALL the first year… and then “tried some people on” over short periods of time during the next few years but I seriously didn’t feel ready… or even my true self. I’m glad it worked out that way… I really am… I learned a lot about how far away I had become from my “true self” in my marriage! Can’t wait to hear more about the business. D.

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