October 24th: Self Control

It is not always easy to maintain self control.

Situations can be infuriating.

Life can be heartbreaking.

Relationships can be devastating but to react with pure emotion, with no thought to logic or consequences, can make a horrible situation worse.

I have learned that maintaining composure at times of great stress and strife is difficult for all of us but, something we must strive for if we search for growth on our spiritual path.

Sometimes, we make mistakes; allow our anger, our hurt, to get the better of us and react to the offending person or event.

It is easy for me to be hard on myself when I fail and lose self control but each time I do… I am humbled by my experience and reminded how I want to behave differently in the future.

If we can find a way to exercise self-control, take a step back, wait before reacting, we can think through our actions and ensure that we are acting according to our “higher self” and not our “shadow self” or our ego.

“Dear God, help me to maintain self-control in trying times and heartbreaking situations so that I can make decisions that will heal and help all who surround me.”

2 thoughts on “October 24th: Self Control

  1. Hey , D!
    I’m carrying over here from the conversation on the 23rd..
    Thank you for “being with me” on that reaction to a view of my ex.
    I finally told a friend and didn’t hold it in. I actually had waking time reveries of “oh, I should have fixed this” … I saw it coming all the way and wanted to just go ballistic.
    And I understand completely re your dialogue with your son and how difficult , valid feelings find their way into conversations with friends and family . It’s almost impossible to not be hard on yourself , and I’ve had similar moments when stuff just comes out – when you’ve lived with and love a multi – substance addict for so many years , it’s like a “something else” drug in your own system .
    You warned me about the withdrawls — it’s valid !!
    I know my ex won’t contact me unless there is something dire related to family .
    I’ve been able to move on and I feel for friends and family that are still adjusting to that pillar of strength , love , fun couple that doesn’t exist anymore. Letting go is the liberating and painful gain .

    • Ahhhhhh it was nice to wake up to this… thank you…. I needed to hear this, this morning. “A something else” drug is right. Very powerful. I hope you are doing good today… hang in there… you’ve come such a long way… D.

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