November 16th: Prayers

I have always believed in the power of prayer.

While going through my divorce, I prayed daily… often asking God for specific things or specific answers to questions I had about my life.

Many times… I just bowed my head and let my tears fall.

After awhile, I began to write my prayers in my daily journal, to remind myself what I had asked for from my Higher Power.

A year went by, my marriage ended, my husband moved on, and I continued to work towards mending my broken heart and it was then… that I looked back through my journal and saw each of my daily prayers.

I was stunned to realize that most of them had been answered.

I have heard it said before that when you ask God for answers or ask God to bring you specific things… to remember what you asked for… prayed for… when the gift comes your way.

Today I am blessed with so many wonderful gifts from God and when I pray, I bow my head and thank him for all he has given to me.

“Dear God, thank you for bringing me so many wonderful gifts. I couldn’t even imagine what you had planned for me and what you have in store for me in the future.”

6 thoughts on “November 16th: Prayers

  1. Good question…. During the course of my divorce I feel that the most significant prayer that God answered for me was not giving me what I prayed for… I kept praying for my husband and I to get back together instead of praying for God’s will…. as time passed I realized that God was getting me out of my own way and giving me time to heal and prepare for my new life. Today, my life is better than I could have ever imagined. The people I love and surround me are aligned with my spiritual path and that has made all the difference when I suffer trials…. and also when I an blessed with joy. 🙂

  2. Over the past four months I started a daily journal and a daily “10 things I’m grateful for” list, almost without missing a day, and these writings are starting to show me how I’m finding my way. Or how events and people are even finding me.
    I do ask for help in meditation and prayer each day no matter how little or how much time I can spend.
    I am seeing and understanding more and more that asking for that help, and asking for the strength to release anger and fear, that I can move through painful times and also find joy again. That’s a wonderful idea to write these thoughts and prayers down … I will do that even more!

  3. I can’t believe today would have been our anniversary, again.
    I wrote on a post last year at this time , and the divorce had only been final for a month.
    Do my best each day since I’ve been on my own To acknowledge how thankful I am, how lucky I am to have this opportunity to rebuild my life , and … as I’ve tried to be vigilant and thoughtful over this past year, I’ve been fortunate to see as well as hear answers to my questions, my fears, and my mistakes.
    I have been writing in my journal and as you’d mentioned too- I’m seeing things happen that have shown me that I’m heading on the better path now , and have experienced happiness again.
    I’m grateful and hopeful again 🙂

  4. I’m so glad, P. I knew you would get there…. isn’t it amazing how relevant the posts continue to be because they are a barometer of your growth! 🙂

  5. Here we are , again 🙂
    Today would have been our 30 year anniversary .
    Two years back I was angry and most likely would have been crying trying to even write it down.
    I wonder if he even remembers ?
    It brought back memories of all the excitement and what it took to get to that day.
    I almost feel guilty to say that , although my life is still under reconstruction , these are very good times …

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