December 8th: Motives


In relationships and life, I have learned that I have to check my motives in my actions and my words.

I spent many years of my marriage trying to “people-please” or speaking “around a subject” in hopes of getting my desired outcome.

Today, I try to think before I speak, to think before I act, and check my motives before I speak out to manipulate another person or situation.

If my motives are pure:

Giving without expecting in return…

Loving with boundaries that I can live with…

Speaking up if it is necessary to solve a problem or…

Staying quiet when my words will only exasperate the issue…

Letting go out of kindness or need and not out of anger or frustration…

Then my motives help me to walk forward on my spiritual path and I can make choices with a clear mind and a loving heart.

“Dear God, help me to be pure in my words and deeds. Help me to have compassion and kindness with all of my motives.”

2 thoughts on “December 8th: Motives

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I hope you are well đŸ™‚ I think it’s a life long “check and balance” system for me… constantly watching my motives! D.

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