February 22nd: Inspiration

February 22nd-Inspiration

I never know where inspiration will find me… but… it always does.

Inspiration appears in the words of a simple conversation…

A line in a movie or a book that seems to resonate more than the rest.

It appears while watching people interact with each other… the emotions on their faces… and the connections I am privileged to witness.

Inspiration presents itself to me as a gift… a gift that takes away my pain, my despair, my lack of faith, my anger or frustration, if only I allow myself to be aware… present… available to it each and every day.

If I can look beyond my suffering and see what is all around me, and allow inspiration to invoke the creative force inside of me, then I become part of the whole… I become tied to everyone and everything and centered in my spirit.

“Dear God, thank you for the gift of inspiration. Help me to be present in my day-to-day life.”

3 thoughts on “February 22nd: Inspiration

  1. Can you believe it was three years ago I made a comment here? 🙂
    Hope all is well with you .
    You are one of the main reasons I’m moving along😍
    Have had my own place for 7 months now.
    The start up biz is moving ahead and I’m now engaged in next consulting gig as well as volunteering with an intercultural nonprofit.
    I’m getting ready to get back to writing / art and feel comfortable to date sometime in near future .
    The ex’s life imploded as you predicted , and I have remained neutral and out of the picture.
    No Cinderella story there
    I actually feel life is moving ahead and I can be part of molding it . Hope so

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