February 23rd: Intuition

February 23rd-

After my divorce, I felt unsure of myself.

My inner foundation had been rocked, and I wasn’t sure about trusting my feelings.

It seemed that for many years I had followed my heart, followed my intuition, and both had done me a great disservice.

But then I thought back to how many times I had actually ignored the signs that something was wrong.

How many times had my intuition lead me towards uncovering the truth in my marriage?

How many times had I had a gut reaction that things were not as I hoped they would be in my relationship?

The truth was… I had been afraid to look at what was really happening.

I had been afraid to see that things were falling apart.

I had been afraid to admit that it wasn’t going to work.

Today, when I find my intuition stimulated by a certain person, place, or event, I stop and listen.

This is my soul’s way of reminding me that something is not ringing in perfect pitch… something is not spiritually aligned with my needs.

I must pay attention to these intuitive signs for they are guides leading me to the true spiritual path I choose to walk.

“Dear God, help me pay attention to your signs. Help me to be aware of the truth all around me.”

9 thoughts on “February 23rd: Intuition

  1. This one really rings true for me. I have been reliving many moments from my past where I didn’t allow myself to listen to my inner voice. It is very painful. But walking forward, I plan to trust my intuition more.

  2. I too chose to ignore my intuition many times in my marriage and didn’t act on it out of fear of the outcome. The outcome came anyway at the hands of my partner. I now know to trust my inner voice and that my hp will take care if me

  3. I agree; rings true for me too. I’m working on staying in the present, but I noticed the first few months after separating from my ex and having flashbacks, that many things I “knew” for years really were happening, and I chose to either believe otherwise, or I thought could fix them to avoid the pain. I was afraid of what I felt should/could happen. Now I have the opportunity to listen to myself for all the right reasons and not avoid. Hope to become better at that!

  4. A year later I’ve been having what I call repercussions … You connect with someone – it’s true , it’s real . Looking back early on in the marriage I knew I was in for a long haul. I truly believed I loved him. I didn’t take the path out then. My choice . Guilt won. Not to repeat this and to trust me to be brave is the vigilance now; hopefully I’m learning !

    Finally , finally I’m not trying to understand how he lives now in his new relationship- interesting when you’ve been with someone so long , your intuition also tries to anticipate how / what they’re doing. And you realize how much time your head is wasting on all of it !

  5. I texted my ex-husband the other night and told him that one of our mutual acquaintances had passed away…. He wrote back “I’m sorry. I’ll call in a bit.” Before I would have waited for him to call been anxious to talk with him but that was completely gone. I texted back, “No need 🙂 Just wanted you to know. Hope you and (wife’s name here) are well. He wished me the best back and that night when he was playing a show with our son he said how grateful he was for me and my ability to connect. It’s funny how it all changes… my head rarely wastes time in those empty spaces anymore your head will get there too! 🙂

  6. That sounds like a great exchange between you two. And with children involved , I’m sure it’s good for them too. Things really can “come back around” in the long run.
    I’m feeling better each day … And thank you!!

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