February 24th: Surety


For me, there always comes a moment in my life where confusion dissipates and surety sets in.

This surety sits with me in a way that lets me know it will not falter… it will not bend.

Often, I am not even aware that a particular issue has been weighing heavy on my heart at all or that I was in need of a change then suddenly, it is as if I hear a strong voice… a firm resolve state that yes… it is time to move on… move forward… change direction.

I don’t always like the sure answer that rings true in my heart.

I don’t always want to follow the path that has been put in front of me.

But… I have spent enough time working on my spiritual self to know that though I may not like the answer, the surety of the direction must be followed.

Life is not meant to be stagnant.

Surety provides the change that has been so long needed.


“Dear God, help me make the difficult decisions in life with a clear, clean conscience. Help me to follow the path even when I feel fearful of the change.”

2 thoughts on “February 24th: Surety

  1. I’m finding my head is clearer to be more decisive and self -assured.
    I was very guilty of decision by indecision mentality . One really isn’t dealing with an outcome , negative or positive , if you’re doing that!
    Funny ,I hadn’t always been like that – I did the co dependent thing to try to please my ex and also be true to being kind. That really doesn’t work if you’re not true to Self.

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