February 25th: Fear vs. Fact

February 25 Fear vs Fact

Sometimes, when I am worried about something, and don’t have all of the information to negate my feelings, I begin to operate on fear instead of fact.

I allow my anxiety to fuel this fear and soon, I am working through every outcome I can imagine hoping that in some way, I will be better prepared when I do know what is going on.

But the truth is… I am not becoming better prepared each moment I spend obsessing on a fantasy. All I’m really choosing to do is mentally spin my wheels, and waste my time, and a perfectly good day, ruminating on outcomes that may never come to pass on a fear…

that may not even exist.

I must make a conscience effort each day to wait for facts before allowing fear to take over.

I do myself a disservice, and everyone around me a disservice, if I focus on fear instead of calmly waiting for accurate information.

Then, once I know what I must deal with, I can logically work towards a solid solution if necessary.

“Dear God, help me to let go of fear. Help me to make decisions based on fact and to let go of a problem until I am sure of all it entails.”

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