February 28th: Getting Back on Track

February 28th-Back on Track

There are times in my life, where overwhelmed with commitments or caught up in other people’s needs, I lose my balance and come to the realization that it is time to get back on track.

The moment of clarity always drives the decision but, much like a car or a train, the momentum that has been carrying me forward on a particular path… does not stop at an instant, but slows gradually as I “put the brakes on.”

At this time, I must remember to be kind to myself.

I have already created a weary and world-worn soul… must I beat myself down for slipping into old habits of care-taking?

Would I be so cruel to a friend if they lost their way?


I would be patient.

I would be compassionate.

I must embrace that I am flawed, that I will at times slip into old patterns and forget to put my health first but that if I take one step at a time, one moment at a time if necessary, I will soon be back on track, in good health and good spirits, and on my spiritual path once again.


“Dear God, help me to take care of myself. I am unable to do my best in this world if I am worn and weary.”

4 thoughts on “February 28th: Getting Back on Track

  1. This is so true. Being gentle on myself is something I strive for and I know you and I share similar passions. It isn’t easy, but you are so right when you say we wouldn’t treat a friend this way! I want to be my own best friend.

      • Maybe some of it is because we push ourselves in order to avoid the pain in our life. We don’t see it as abuse until it hurts! But for me, I certainly have improved at whatever I put my mind to. That is a good thing that comes out of it all! I just need to leave space and time to be gentle and appreciative of my progress.

  2. Yes Judy.. I think you are right. I know that my care-taking began again right after my nephew’s death. I did anything to fill the hole in my heart. The busier the better until I was ready to deal with the reality and feel that immense pain.

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