March 20th: Consequences

March 20th-Consequences

Today I spent the day waiting on someone.

It was my choice to do so.

I believed that some time during the course of the day we would be spending time together based on what my friend had told me.

Yet… the hours wore on and though I texted several times… I never heard from them.

After waiting nearly seven hours I received a text message saying that their cell phone had not been working.

That was it.

No apology.

No concern.

Just a statement.

They then wrote that they were free tomorrow if I’d like to get together then.

I had to fight the urge not to send some angry words my friend’s way.

But instead of sending back a nasty response, I simply said, “I’m not available tomorrow. I will touch base with you on Monday.”

And that was that.

I spent the remainder of my evening looking at the consequences of the situation:

I had lost valuable time by waiting but…

I learned that the next time I decide to make plans with this particular friend… I will set a specific time to get together and spend the rest of my day… working on my own tasks.

I also realized that my friend looked at time and commitments differently than I did.

Therefore, I must accept that we may never see eye-to-eye on this particular point in our relationship, and there might come a time, when I would have to decide if this was something I could live with in our friendship or, admit to myself that a close friendship with this person may not work for me.

Consequences are not always pleasant.

But, I value the lessons that they bring: lessons that help me to learn what I find acceptable and unacceptable on my own life path.


“Dear God, help me to learn from consequences. Help me to accept them and remove anger and frustration from my reaction to these life lessons.”

4 thoughts on “March 20th: Consequences

  1. I stumbled upon your blog. As I read it, I thought someone else was transcribing my life as of late. Thank You.

  2. Consequences have been on my mind “big time” lately! I was a care-taking personality with my ex – and my fault and more my nature .. and after nine months apart … I finally received my own wake up call this week that I’ve moved on.
    You can endure too much pain in anticipation of … Sometimes nothing.
    That’s only one example! Regaining clarity about relationships and how even those close to you forget about commitments, communication, and the impact is an eye – opener.

    • Isn’t it funny when all of a suddent the “wake up call” comes through? I have to remind myself how I felt in a relationship…. REALLY felt. It is so easy after the fact to miss the “good” and forget how i felt for MOST of the relationship: fearful, angry, sad, frustrated…. D.

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