March 21st: Boundaries

March 21st-Boundaries

Sometimes, I am so concerned with boundaries, that I refuse to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

In the past, I so often let people I loved, basically get away with treating me in a way that was totally unacceptable that today, when I even think that someone might be about to behave inappropriately, or “try to get away with something” I strike so fast to stop them that they aren’t even sure what they have done wrong.

It is good that today I have boundaries.

They help me to make conscience choices about the people I choose to involve in my day-to-day life but…

This does not mean that I should be rash in my judgements, react on past wrongs instead of present deeds.

When I believe someone I love is about to cross a boundary, and cause me emotional pain… maybe it is best to have a calm heart-to-heart before reacting without just cause.


“Dear God, help me to be calm when emotion over takes me. Help me to make logical decisions regarding what is and isn’t acceptable to me in my relationships with others.”

2 thoughts on “March 21st: Boundaries

  1. I’m learning boundaries. Had been with my husband so long that I didn’t really understand how to anymore.
    Now being on my own and meeting new people is helping me learn patience, communicating, and setting boundaries.

  2. That’s great…. hard to do…. hard not to let the past taint the future… take your time… don’t be hard on yourself while you practice setting boundaries! 🙂 D.

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