March 22nd: Responsibility

March 22nd-Responsibility

I used to always love to be considered the responsible one but today… I sometimes find myself shying away from the title. In the past, being responsible meant that I was the one to take on all of the commitments… I was the one that people would come to because they knew I would get the job done! I loved the way I felt when I was praised for being responsible. My ego was stroked, my people-pleasing character flaw was activated, and I relished in my roll of “super woman.” Today, I try my best to step away from ego and wait 24-hours before committing to being the “responsible” one in a situation that isn’t life-threatening. Being the responsible one in the past left me weary and worn from overtaxing myself to make sure that everyone “loved me” for doing “right” by them. I know now, that I must choose my commitments wisely, and wait for my people-pleasing flaw to disarm before deciding if I want to move forward as the responsible party.

“Dear God, help me to think before I take on a commitment. Help me to allow others to step up to a task instead of letting my people-pleasing rob them of the opportunity to grow.”

4 thoughts on “March 22nd: Responsibility

  1. I truly know ( again) that God’s timing is perfect. It is NO mistake that I found this page TODAY!! I’m
    in the process of moving forward to divorce FINALLY and I can relate to this post. No matter how much you try to be the ” good one” no one will appreciate it as much as you imagine that invisible pat on the shoulder to be. Me in a nutshell. God is the ONLY satisfaction we will get and until we try to please him all is in vain. I’m going to humble myself and stop LVING for the world and ONLY for Him. There’s no other way. By the way I was just about to write I have no idea where all this came from but I had to hit the “x” button on my phone because I know exactly where it came from.
    Much love!!!!

    • Oh Sarah my HEART is with you…. so glad my words brought you comfort today. I’m here….. and I’ve been where you are! Just keeping going…. you will get through this. Big hug to you! D.

  2. It seems in my marriage I was the responsible one, whether I liked it or not. And it became too automatic- my fault ultimately – I got wrapped up in believing I had to ” take charge”.
    You are so right about stepping back and looking at the situation first. I’m going to work on being much more aware of that!

    • Yes that happened to me as well… and it set up the “Mother-child” scenario between my husband and I where I was always the one “scolding.” It has become easier and easier over the years for me to step back in all areas of my life and let others step up…. I just have to learn to hold my tongue and let them do it! 🙂

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