April 2nd: Rememberance

April 3

Today marks a great loss for me.

One that I doubt I will ever recover from… the loss of someone very dear to me.

The time without him has been difficult and there have been many moments where I felt my despair would carry me to a place where recovery was not possible.

But still… I am grateful every day for the short time that he was in my life.

I would not take back my life with him to escape suffering today.

I could never regret loving him… only losing him.

I think of him often, and even now, his memory reminds me each day:

To be there for others…

Live life to the fullest…

Have compassion for all.

He reminds me that I will never know what may happen from one moment to the next and that I should always end my conversations with those I love, with the kindest words… showing my truest heart.

“Dear God, thank you for bringing love into my life. Help me to be strong when change is upon me. Help me to see that in faith I find strength.”

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