April 11th: Creating Space


Sometimes, no matter how hard I try to find solitude in my daily environment, circumstances continue to arise to keep me active and unable to create space to allow myself to rest and recharge.

When all else fails, I find it is then that I need to physically make my own space.

Today, overwhelmed with all of my commitments, I cleared my appointment book and left town.

For months I had been trying to wind down from event after event after event and finally, world-weary and worn I said, “Enough.”

I didn’t go far… just a drive of a few hours… enough to clear my head and find my solace in the warm wind of the open California desert and there, I was able to calm my mind, catch my breath and find my soul soothed by the beauty that surrounded me.

Tonight, I write with the knowledge that if I cannot be given space… I must create it.

Life is constantly moving… there will always be an upset, an event, a commitment that must be dealt with but if I choose to continue to overlook my own-well being at the cost of everything else… I will soon be spiritually bankrupt and unable to make clear, clean decisions on my life path.


“Dear God, help me to find solace and respite. Help me to soothe myself when I am overcome by life’s commitments and troubles.”

4 thoughts on “April 11th: Creating Space

    • You know Patricia I have actually been creating space again recently. I became over-committed (as I often do) and next thing I knew… the house was a mess, the yard was a mess, my clothes were a mess. πŸ™‚ I have been working every weekend to create a beautiful space for myself again… getting rid of things… weeding out…. it has been keeping my mind occupied in a good way…. and giving me a sense of control and a fresh start that is positive πŸ™‚ D.

  1. Wow that sounds terrific!
    I just finished a garden project this weekend and it was not only productive and needed, but it took me away from all the things I’ve mentioned on the following day’s post.

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