April 24th: Staying on the Path

Staying on the Path

There have been times since my divorce that I have doubted my choices and the spiritual path that I walk.

In the beginning, it seemed that I was traveling blindly… no markers… no compass… to help navigate my direction.

But as time went on and my footing steadied… I realized that there were guides all around me: in the strength that I carried inside of me and in the people I met who had walked the path before. People who were willing to share their experience, strength, and hope as I carried on.

Today, I have very little fear of what lay before me on my path.

I have survived so many ups-and-downs, so many painful moments; divorce, the death of precious loved ones, and I know… that this is life and I cannot control it.

I have learned that holding onto the past, setting my mind on one fixed point and refusing to change it, only causes me heartache and pain.

Once I choose to walk the path, I cannot look behind at the turn that now obscures what was once my world. I must look ahead, excited to see what lay around the next turn: my future and so many wonderful opportunities for growth, change, and happiness.

“Dear God, help me follow my own path. Let me not be swayed by my own doubts or the doubts of others.”

2 thoughts on “April 24th: Staying on the Path

  1. Beautiful.
    Hope to learn to consistently stay focused on the present, and find my “compass”.
    A work in progress!

    • 🙂 we look back… we move forward… we look back… we move forward…. you’ll start looking back less and less as time goes by… I promise. D.

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