June 8th: Obsession

June 8th-Obsession

Sometimes my mind becomes so distracted by a problem that I fall into obsessive thinking.

Unable to control my thoughts, my mind races through scenarios, until I have imagined every worse case outcome and have become triggered and worn by my mental toying.

If I allow myself to become overwhelmed by my obsessive thinking soon… it escalates to obsessive talk.

I will search out anyone and everyone and find a way to bring “my obsession” into the conversation.

Unfortunately, this is me allowing my mind to hold me hostage and… this tires the person having to deal with my runaway thoughts and feelings… and leaves me to “spin my wheels” since nothing can be reasoned out or accomplished when my mind is inundated by negative noise.

It doesn’t matter what device I have devised to keep me from my obsessive thinking:

A command I say to myself to “STOP…”

A rubber band on my wrist to snap each time I allow my mind to obsessively wander…

A hiatus from social media that may be triggering my obssession…

Or a visit with a trusted mentor to gather strength and support when I am feeling vulnerable and triggered.

Despite what my emotions tell me… I can choose not to engage in obsessive thoughts.

Obsession will not solve my problems and allowing obsession to control me will leave me in a poor mental and physical state and lead me to my “shadow self.”

“Dear God, help me to pay attention to my thinking and let go of my obsession. Help me to calm my mind and contemplate my problems when I am emotionally ready to do so.”

6 thoughts on “June 8th: Obsession

  1. I can’t believe how I feel every single word of this post. It pulls in everything I’ve been fighting through everyday for almost a year now ( and continue to).
    It’s amazing how distorted thoughts , anger , & analyses turn into another “reality” and my mind just runs every scenario.
    I still wear a band on my wrist each night when I go to bed 🙂
    It helps , along with loving friends …

    • Ha! You will love this, Patricia. I have a rubber band back on my wrist today…. nothing like a “spiritual” slip to get you back snapping that band! 😀

  2. Picked up that band and put it on my wrist again . I found myself obsessing even about work scenarios and solving issues !
    So , this reminder band is still my friend:)

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