June 10th: Being Grounded in Reality

June 10th Being Grounded in Reality

Often times my head is so focused on future events that I forget to remain grounded in the present.

It seems sometimes that my life becomes a succession of: the next thing I have to do, the next big event, or a magical time when everything will be just as it should be.

Well, that isn’t reality.

Reality is right here in front of me.

It is paying attention to my fingers on the keyboard as I type: focusing on putting my thoughts into words. It is me… here in the moment… savoring the time I have right now.

When I find myself living “up in my head” or thinking about numerous chores, commitments or events on my horizon…

I must center myself and maintain balance by bringing myself back into the present.

Note a cool breeze… a bird as it flies past… a neighbor waving hello….

because this is life… and life moves quickly… and I must live for these moments… they may be the only ones I have…. I must find joy in the day-to-day.


“Dear God, help me to stay grounded in the present. Help me to be in the moment and cherish what joys I find there.”

4 thoughts on “June 10th: Being Grounded in Reality

  1. I’ve found myself creating anxiety- laden reality in the future tense and realized it’s part of that chatter that goes on too!
    Focusing on being “here and now” is more difficult but overall it feels better! Isn’t it amazing what great things we actually miss seeing & doing when the mind takes us elsewhere whenever it can 🙂

  2. Love this . It’s true every day of the week for me.
    I am constantly “fortune telling ” and it isn’t worth the time / energy 🙂
    Getting better at present focus day by day.
    Meditation and having more sense of purpose for the day seems to help !

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