June 18th: Acceptance

June 18th-Acceptance

I have been struggling lately with accepting things as is.

Worked up and frustrated, I kept fighting to get things “back on track” not realizing that I was following my own agenda and not my Higher Power’s guidance.

Signs were all around me yet… I kept running up against the same emotional wall and then stepping back to get a running start and bash up against it again.

Yesterday, my friend and I were talking about our divorces and I was reminded how once I accepted the change in my life, my relationship, everything began to fall into place on it’s own and my heart began to heal.

Acceptance allows me to “get out of my own way” and let go of fighting a hopeless inner battle where I an unable to relinquish my illusion of control.

Acceptance does not mean that I have to like the way things are today but it does mean that I understand that life must be lived on life’s terms and that I am wasting much needed energy, that should be put towards solid spiritual footwork, by fretting over things I cannot change.


“Dear God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

14 thoughts on “June 18th: Acceptance

    • Isn’t that funny how that happens, Jules? I wasn’t ready to give something up…. until just this morning… and then I STILL had to start with just praying for the “willingness” to give it up…. it’s a start! šŸ™‚ D.

  1. I never really had it sink in … Acceptance as willingness… Until recently.
    And I didn’t see it in those terms until I read this.
    Accepting that the closest person to me didn’t love me anymore, and that my own guilt about the fact that the marriage ended was slowing my letting go we’re very painful emotions I wasn’t handling well .
    But starting to find more peace now, and focusing on moving on!
    I’ve also had to accept that I spent too much time analyzing and rationalizing … It was emotionally draining !

  2. Patricia I get that way too… and it doesn’t even require a relationship! I will over analyze, rationalize and then “realize” or acknowledge like Elizabeth said that I’ve once again emotionally drained myself! I’ve gotten better at stepping back over the years… but it still pops up in my daily life… and then I have to find my willingness to change it… (sigh) life lessons šŸ™‚ D.

  3. It just dawned on me to go ahead and feel grateful to be rebuilding a life … And accepting that ! … knowing that I’ve moved on and I have no excuses to feel pain or anger anymore šŸ™‚

  4. we get an opportunity to embrace gods plan for us and start anew, accept, be grateful and start a new chapter. I will let go and let god, do the next right thing and keep the focus on my recovery, we are blessed.

    • I so agree… we move forward through acceptance and the plan unfolds… My life today fits who I am… it isn’t perfect… but it is true to my path. šŸ™‚ D.

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