June 20th: Finding Peace within the Chaos

June 20th-Peace within the chaos

My divorce was one of the most difficult life events I have ever experienced. It took a great deal of time and spiritual footwork to get through the pain and heal my heart. And though my life today is better than I could have ever imagined it would be… it doesn’t magically give me peace-of-mind or mean that it is always “perfect.” In fact, life is still difficult today… I am a caregiver to many: My aging mother, my adult children, my students, my friends.There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not worried about one or all of them.

And, this is why it is up to me to find peace within the chaos of my life. I can’t have the mentality that if I “just get through this” or I “just get through that” that everything will suddenly be okay. That is not how life works. It would be exhausting to wait for that “perfect time” that “perfect day” to come and I would be letting life pass me by as I looked towards an illusion… a fantasy.

Life is messy. Life is upsetting. Life is full of changes that I do not want to accept. But still, I must find a way to stay balanced that works for me: Prayer and meditation, journaling my thoughts, walking in nature, continuing on in my spiritual footwork and living in the moment. I must find the joy and embrace it, no matter how small: laughing with a loved one, hugging my child, being supportive to a good friend… It can all change in a moment so I must hold closely the moments that remind me how truly wonderful life is.

“Dear God, help me to stay in the moment and to embrace the joy that I find there.”

4 thoughts on “June 20th: Finding Peace within the Chaos

  1. Yes, D, isn’t life all of those things! And you said it so well. I actually feel my life evolving now, and there will always be things to worry about, things I can’t change, new situations to handle, but I’m already seeing that I was in such a closed in, dark place, and now everything seems “lighter” emotionally and even physically as I realize/see the outside world each day. My sadness still shadows me wherever I go, but I just love “peace within the chaos” …

  2. life provides us with blessings that come disguised as difficulties, with Gods guidance I come out in the other end, wiser, stronger more peaceful and ok with life, it’s great to be alive, we are blessed.

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