September 12th: Don’t Give Up

Everyone has a time in their life when they feel that they can’t take it.

Not one more minute.

Some problem, some trauma, some emotional spiral that threatens their inner core.

Don’t give up.

It may seem impossible to get through this trying time, but if you just keep moving forward, you will get through it.

Don’t give up.

Think of all of the others, who have walked through this pain before you… know that you are not alone.

Don’t give up.

It may feel like things will never get better, but they will.

It takes time to heal from wounds.

It takes time to mend from hurts.

Don’t give up.

Keep walking on the path of life and through its many twists and turns and even when it seems too difficult to walk one more step…

Don’t give up.

Around the next turn in the path may be that beautiful new road you have been looking for.

Don’t give up.

Have faith, keeping walking… “this too shall pass.”

“Dear God, help me to continue to move forward through my pain. Give me the strength I need to work through this troubled time in my life. I find faith and hope in your power.”

11 thoughts on “September 12th: Don’t Give Up

  1. Being an impatient person, I often wonder: when will the pain end? What else should I be doing to make more new things happen each day and get going? But I’m also so thankful for progress over the past two months – I haven’t felt or noticed it so much personally, but friends & family have said it’s apparent I’m moving through things.. But it takes time, and will take a lot more. I often forget that I’m not alone out there (or in here in my head) with my feelings and wounds — I will be thinking about you and others who have come through this journey and found so much to be grateful for.

  2. I haven’t given up moving through things, thankfully.
    But at least I’ve given up some of the rattling on I reviewed on the past few posts !
    September last year was the toughest time – sold my home , moved away from my ex, my boss of 20+ years had died , left my job … Anything else ?!!! 🙂
    I love my friends , family , and all who read and commented here too!!
    Despair does pass with time , and focus on all that is out there to receive , and give can come to pass.
    Rebuilding your life can eventually turn into a hopeful , remarkable process … If/ when we move outside the chatter and realize, although it’s not easy … the world is there waiting , and open to all of us .

  3. Well said Patricia… I love that we can look back on these threads and see progress… the mental chatter was because you were distressed… wounded… you had to get it out and share it and find community… and look at you now! Sharing your own progress, hope, experience, and leading the way for others. :)))) D.

  4. As I battle a few health issues – I loved reading this post. Sometimes, it all can seem overwhelming. But healing is a process. I know that and this post was a great reminder!

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