September 25th: Being There For Others

My divorce was a great loss… the grief felt similar to what I had felt at times when I had mourned a death.

It was palpable.

I missed my husband so much and it was hard to believe that he was no longer with me.

It was difficult not to wallow in self-pity, or lament my lot in life.

I found that by helping others, I could help myself out of my own pain.

I took great comfort in teaching.

I took great comfort in being of service at meetings.

I took great comfort in performing small random acts of kindness each day.

By being there for others, I found an escape from my own pain.

By working towards soothing another’s discomfort, I found peace from my own.

“Dear God, help me to see that I am not the only one who suffers. Give me guidance to bring love and hope to those that are in pain.”

4 thoughts on “September 25th: Being There For Others

  1. What a great post; and it’s so true. Visiting family this week, being able to help, being there to listen, pushing my worries and pain aside … it does help the healing. As I go into a new career, I’m also looking into areas in the meantime where I can join a group/volunteer. I have to remember as I do my “grateful for” list each day, that although my situation feels lousy at times, I am very fortunate too, and need to put my energies to work more productively.

  2. It is so easy to isolate and stay up in our heads! The more I gave to others during that period… the better I felt throughout the day. 🙂

  3. This is another “a year later ” aha…
    My friends and family are wonderful – grateful EVERY day .
    And I’ve realized that building or rekindling those relationships allows me to give and be there too.
    I’d lost that when my grief and shutting myself away had consumed me.

    • Sometimes we do disconnect… due to grief or shutting down…. but sometimes we need to just “draw the wagons” and gather our wits about us! I’m so grateful that you are here today Patricia. 🙂 D.

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