September 28th: Patience

Patience was never one of my strongest qualities but… over the years as a parent, a teacher, a writer… I learned that the world revolved on “God’s time” and not my own.

I began to note incidents where my impatience caused only problems.

Looking for my car keys in a panic only to find them once I calmed down enough to see that they were right on the kitchen counter.

Racing to an appointment only to be stopped by an officer for not wearing my seat belt.

Hurrying to a meeting with someone to find out that they… themselves… were running late.

Time and time again I noticed that whenever I allowed impatience to take over… the universe had a way of telling me to “slow down.”

When we are going through difficult times, it is hard to be patient.

We want the pain to end.

The situation to resolve.

Our life to move forward but…

Life is on “God’s time.”

I began to see that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

That by trying to “hurry life” along… I was only causing myself undo stress.

You cannot force things to change.

You cannot force life to change.

You can do everything you can in the present to be healthy and happy… but you must have patience and wait for the final outcome.

“Dear God, help me to stay in the moment. Help me to see that having patience is having faith in your plan.”

2 thoughts on “September 28th: Patience

  1. I had an “aha” moment about patience this week. In talking with a few very close friends and family members this week, that was the first word that came up. “Don’t always try to be an “achiever” which is your nature, you’re making progress but the fact is, you need TIME to heal”… I’m really hearing this in stereo now, and realize I have to stay focused in the present as you’ve talked about many times. I keep trying to get everything in order! What order? Creating a new life and looking at things in the present has to come first… as a process. Taking each day as it comes and doing the best with it is most likely closer to being more patient. Hope I’m starting to learn….

  2. Yes… the “achiever” so true… for me as well… we want to just figure out the best steps to move through and move through but unfortunately… we have to feel the pain and mourn the loss first. D.

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