September 29th: Little Things

When going through difficult times we often overlook the little things that bring us joy:

A beautiful morning.

A walk with a friend.

Listening to music we love.

Small wonders, small joys, can bring peace during painful times.

And during painful times, it is important to find joy in these brief moments of peace.

During my divorce I worked consciously to “see” these moments:

A moment to laugh with my son.

A moment to admire my daughter in her prom dress.

The beautiful flower that had just bloomed by the front porch.

The new puppy that was running around our home.

Little things may seem just that “little” but, they can carry us through by being our daily reminder that joy still does exist in our day-to-day world even when we struggle with our own pain.

“Dear God, help me to see the joy and beauty in the smallest things.”

2 thoughts on “September 29th: Little Things

  1. One of the hardest days I’ve had since the separation 90 days ago.
    All triggered innocently by a friend trying to share information with me. But there are times when they aren’t doing me a favor, even though intentions are so nice.

    I forget about the little things and yet, when the pain and thoughts were too volatile today, I remembered to sit out on the patio and see the beauty and life out there.
    Some days feel like a step forward and then suddenly,I feel like I’m at ground zero starting over.
    But those moments outside felt wonderful.

  2. Oh I remember those moments…. I just love when people feel they need to “share information.” Shut them down whenever you can… it will just add to your pain right now… I’m sorry that happened. D.

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