January 2nd: Setbacks

Ladoga at Dawn 2012

When things are going well, it is hard to suffer a large setback.

It can feel like a failure.

It can feel like a lack of forward movement.

It can feel like a large step back to the beginning of spiritual growth.

But the fact is… setbacks are a part of life… and I must learn to be kind to myself and accept each setback with grace as I work through my frustration.

I cannot mentally flog myself time-and-time again when suffering a setback.

I must reflect, create a fearless moral inventory, and look to see what may have caused this emotional, physical, and spiritual regression.

Have I been taking care of my emotional and physical health?

Have I been truthful and kind in all of my relationships?

Have my emotions been triggered due to a special event, holiday, or interaction with someone from my past?

Instead of being so hard on myself during a slip, I need to be patient and accept… that I am not perfect… and look at all of the good progress I have made on my journey.


“Dear God, help me to be kind to myself and accept that I will make mistakes. Help me to forgive myself and learn from my setbacks.”

(photo courtesy of Lois Cohn)

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