January 5th: Self-Control

January 5th

The other day, I had a moment where I felt the urge to get into an argument with my ex-husband.

He had said something to our son about me that seemed unkind and unnecessary.

I was hurt… angry… and I wanted a chance to harm him with my own words for causing me pain.

As I drove around the corner in my car, and saw him standing with our son in my driveway, I felt my anger rise and could barely wait to park the car and let him have it.

But then… my spiritual growth kicked in… and I was able to sit for a moment and let that entire scenario play out.

How would my anger help my son?

Would it show him how to behave appropriately in a relationship?

Would it make him comfortable watching his mother be sarcastic and hurtful towards his father?

Would I stand out as an example to my child of how a mature adult, working towards taking the “moral high ground,” should behave?


I chose to calm my thoughts and pray for my ex-husband’s well being.

I then got out of the car, opened the door of my house, walked straight in, and did not engage with my ex-husband for the rest of that day.

The relief of “not getting into it” in front of my child, of setting a good example soothed my soul.

There are times in life when something must be said… and there are times in life when I must practice the habit of self-control.

Today, I choose to think before I act.


“Dear God, help me to choose my battles wisely. Help me to have self-control in my words and actions when it is for the greater good of all involved.”

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