January 6th: Being in the Moment

January 6th

Yesterday I was with a dear friend and found my mind unable to stay in the moment.

I was so happy to be there:  sharing time with him, enjoying our camaraderie, our friendship.

It had been a long time since we had been able to visit and I was worried that it would be awhile before I would be able to spend time with my friend again.

Suddenly, in the middle of talking to me, he stopped and said,  “Man, I can just see that brain of yours ticking away. What are you thinking about?”

And I was caught.

When I told him all of my worries, all of my fears… how I was afraid that with our busy schedules and our lives so full… that it would be quite awhile before we could visit again and that it made me sad… he laughed and said, “Yeah but I’m here now and you’re missing it!”

I felt silly then and couldn’t help but laugh myself.

How many moments have I missed in life by letting my head run into the future?

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and I can do nothing to change the past.

But I do know… that I must keep my thoughts in the present… and appreciate the day that my Higher Power has blessed me with.


“Dear God, thank you for bringing love and friendship into my life. Help me to be fully present in each moment and embrace the gifts that you bring to me in each new day.”

3 thoughts on “January 6th: Being in the Moment

  1. YES! I am doing some reading and writing on what I am learning in regards to this. Living in the moment is like a “holy instant” all the time. I have one or two people that I can do this with and its wonderful. As we learn and grow it gets easier. You’re blog is wonderful. I love visiting here. Be blessed 🙂

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