January 7th: Limits

January 7th

I tend to be prideful regarding the fact that I don’t often ask for help.

To me, it has always been a sign of strength, accomplishment, this ability of mine to keep going and get things done on my own.

But just recently, I have realized that being stoic, although at times a very admirable quality, is not always a good thing.

It is important for me to accept that I have limits and that at times, I may need to trust that other people are capable of helping me… capable of picking up the slack if necessary.

To wear myself out, physically and emotionally, just to prove that I don’t have to rely on anyone’s help, is not in my best interest.

Knowing my limits, sharing my burdens when I am feeling worn, admitting that I need others, that I am vulnerable to the struggles of life, is important to my spiritual growth and to the growth of the relationships I value.

By being honest about my limits,  I show the people that I love… that I trust them enough to allow myself to let my guard down and accept their assistance when needed.


“Dear God, help me to know my limits. Give me the willingness to ask for guidance if I need it and friends to trust with my burdens and pain.”


3 thoughts on “January 7th: Limits

  1. I never wanted to admit I was tired, naive , and vulnerable .
    I stayed so removed from everyone … For years.
    I had no idea the greatness and esteem of the friends I had and still have through this.
    I was floored at the beginning of this journey – the degree of care and friendship.
    There’s a difference between allowing help , and just “making noise”.
    Your friends and loved ones will respect you.

  2. I am in a wonderful relationship with my husband but your words are so important to us all. Thank you for sharing this and enjoy your candid and honest sharing of your hear.

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