January 17th: Giving to Others

January 17th- Giving to Others

I have found that during times of great despair, when I feel that all hope is lost, when my faith has left me, that giving my love and compassion to others restores my spirits and provides me with a sense of emotional stability.

In the past, I often became so entangled in my own problems, so obsessed with my own pain, my own struggles, that I did not stop to look and see how others could benefit from what I had been given throughout my life.

I have been blessed with many gifts.

If I choose to dwell in my pain, if I choose to live in despair, I am not walking the spiritual path my Higher Power has planned for me.

By showing compassion,

Passing on knowledge to others,

And giving of myself,

I am choosing to walk in hope.

I am choosing to embrace faith,

And I am helping others to move forward on their spiritual paths and out of their own despair.


“Dear God, help me to be compassionate to others. Help me to share my experience, strength and hope with those in need.”

4 thoughts on “January 17th: Giving to Others

  1. I’m going through one of those times when I wonder how/ when my mind will be more at ease and I can continue to”move on”. Somehow I still resent “being left behind” to rebuild my life, even after six months.
    Yet, I feel very fortunate to have the health and opportunity to step forward. And I am grateful for that.
    Your post made me realize that I need to focus outside myself not only during “episodes” such as this, but all the time… Thanks!

    • I felt that way too Patricia…. but the life my ex-husband offers today…. would not have been a life that would have suited me over the long-term. I promise you… you WILL see over time that your path is changing and that people that better suit your needs will begin to appear 🙂 D.

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