January 18th: Waiting

January 18th-Timing

There are times when I want something so badly that I will force the timing.

I try to rush through activities to get a moment with a beloved friend.

I drop everything and change direction in a matter of seconds.

I check my phone or my email in hopes that I have been contacted regarding something I am longing for.

But… I have found that when I do force the timing, I often end up regretting it.

I find that my expectations are so high, that the actual event can’t meet my needs.

It’s wonderful to be so excited about specific people or opportunities but I must keep my balance so that I am able to manage down my expectations.

I must learn to wait for the time when I can really savior and enjoy the company of a good friend or an exciting event, instead of pushing it to happen at an inopportune moment, due to my impatience and inability to… wait.


“Dear God, help me to know when to seize the moment and when to wait. Help me to be patient when the timing does not fit the occasion.”

11 thoughts on “January 18th: Waiting

  1. I can be very impatient also, and always want to be more in control of when things happen. And I can’t of course πŸ™‚
    Being on my own for the first time in a zillion years is part of it because I tend to fear “idle time”.
    I’m just beginning to understand that I can relax a bit, stop “waiting” for something to happen and find calm.

  2. I am trying to be patient and I love getting these via my email, but I have not gotten any since January 5th. I tried adding my email again thinking perhaps it had gotten deleted in some way, but it said I was already on the list.

    • Mary, that is so odd. Check and see if they are going directly into your spam folder. Sometimes that happens! I’m wishing you well in the New Year. D.

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